“Lessons And Gifts As A Peacetime And Combat Veteran”


Join us Saturday, November 6, 4-6pm, for a special event to honor all military veterans, reservists, and active duty personnel of DHPC, and of our Navajo sister church, Leupp Presbyterian!


Everyone is invited to attend! Veterans and military personnel will be the guests of Troop Care Ministry, and all others are asked to make a donation at the door. 


Space is limited, and reservations must be made in advance through the church office, or on the patio Sunday, October 31st, between services.

This year’s speaker is Winnie Fritz, a popular speaker from the Veterans Heritage Project Speaker Series. During her tenure as a nurse in the U.S. Army, Winnie earned her pilot’s wings and held leadership positions in the U.S., Thailand, and Vietnam where her commendations included the Bronze Star.  She has held positions as a CEO, Chief Clinical Officer and Chief Nursing Officer in a variety of U.S. and international hospitals and healthcare organizations including for-profit and not-for-profit care providers in 22 countries. For her success in strategic and financial planning; in facilities design; and in improved clinical performance in Jordan’s hospitals, she was awarded His Majesty’s Medal of Honor. Today, she is Senior Vice President of Clinical Services and Operations, HCCA Management Co.  She travels extensively to improve healthcare and related systems in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, as well as the U.S.

Contact Rhonda Noble at pasttracker65@gmail.com or 480.433.2870 for more info.

How You Can Say “Thank You” To A Veteran

Show your appreciation to our veterans by volunteering to help with this year’s Veterans Day Celebration Dinner, Saturday, November  6th . We need all sorts of help in the kitchen, in the dining area setting tables, serving food, and cleaning up after the event! Volunteers will be able to hear the speaker, and their meal will be complimentary. This is a very well-attended event, so we need A LOT of volunteers!

Can’t help on Saturday? Call Rhonda to volunteer to help prep food on Thursday the 4th!
Please contact Rhonda Noble at pasttracker65@gmail.com or 480.433.2870, for more info.


A Thank You Message from Troop Care Ministry

We are pleased to announce that, through your generous donations, we were able to donate $4,030 worth of grocery gift cards to the Luke AFB Airman and Family Readiness Center this year.

Our annual gift card drive ended in February and, while Covid-19 did bring the cards donated at church down about 15% this year, thanks to the generous cash donations we’ve received we were able to increase the donation of cards by 5%.  These things are especially important during the pandemic, and DHPC has come through again for the troops in need in the local community.  The Chief of the Readiness Center, Mr. McCarty, couldn’t emphasize enough the difference it makes, especially after Christmas and before Easter.

The Troop Care Ministry is exceedingly grateful for the support of the congregation in their donations; we also ask that you say a prayer for those serving our Country and thank you for making some of their lives a little better.