“Holiday Cards for Heroes”, a Red Cross program, is a great way for all of us to show we care.  During the month of November, a box will be placed in the Narthex, and Sundays on the patio, where everyone may drop off Christmas cards that will be delivered to service members in hospitals, service members stationed throughout the US and abroad, and to veterans and their families.

You may sign a card that we will have at the TCM table on the patio on Sundays, during the month of November.  You may also bring a stack of signed cards from home.  The deadline for dropping off cards at church is November 30th.

Holiday Cards for troops carefree

Every card received will be screened for hazardous materials and reviewed by Red Cross volunteers.

Please observe the following guidelines to ensure a quick reviewing process:

  • Cards must be signed.
  • Use generic salutations such as “Dear Service Member.”
  • Do not include letters.
  • Do not include email or home addresses.
  • Do not include inserts or photos.
  • Do not send cards containing glitter.
  • Do not include envelopes.