There are several important dates to celebrate our military in the month of May.

May 1 – National Loyalty Day.

Recognized by Congress on April 27, 1955, President Eisenhower proclaimed this holiday on May 1, 1955  for the first time.  It was created to reaffirm our loyalty to the U.S.

May 2 – The Death of Osama bin Laden

On May 2, 2011, Seal Team 6 entered bin Laden’s compound and he was killed after a firefight.  It is now recognized as a pivotal moment in our military’s history and is currently celebrated as part of Military Appreciation Month.

May 8 – VE Day – Victory in Europe

 On May 7, 1945, at the direction of Grand Admiral Karl Donitz, the leader of Germany following Hitler’s death, General Alfred Jodl unconditionally surrendered to General Eisenhower, bringing the war in Europe to an end.

May 13 – Children of Fallen Patriots Day

Beginning in 2014, Governors across the nation have issued proclamations to recognize the children of fallen service members.

May 21 – National Armed Forces Day 

First observed on May 20, 1950, the day was created to honor soldiers and sailors serving in the five branches of the military, fo