“Your Legacy”

Martin Luther advised that even if he knew for certain he would die tomorrow, “he would still plant an apple tree today.”

The purpose of the Desert Hills Presbyterian Church Foundation is to enable you to support your Church for many years after your own lifetime. Your kind provision will help bring Christ’s good news to generations yet to come and who you will not meet. Contributing to the Foundation is a wonderful way to put your faith into action.

The Foundation is the home of an endowment which is intended to last forever. The endowment is professionally managed. The Church is the sole beneficiary of the endowment and receives grants from the endowment. The endowment presently has a value of about $1.25 million and supports grants to the Church of about $60,000 each year. The Foundation’s goal is that the endowment will grow over time as a result of both future gifts and investment stewardship.

By contributing to the Foundation, you can increase the endowment and thereby increase the amount of support the endowment is able to provide the Church in the years thereafter. The endowment is in part the result of many gifts of comparatively modest size.

All gifts are meaningful and appreciated regardless of size. Luke 21:1-4.

Contributions by individuals to the Foundation are tax deductible from the individual’s income tax. Bequests are deductible for federal estate tax purposes.

Contributions to the endowment can be made during your lifetime or via bequests made in your will or related trust.

If you already have a lawyer able to create quality estate planning documents – great! But if not, the Foundation maintains a list of lawyers who stand ready to help you. These attorneys are identified here.

Many folks have decided to contribute assets to the Foundation during their lifetime. One plus of this approach is that you can observe how your gift is cared for by the Foundation and gain comfort that the Foundation is using your gift prudently. But before you decide to make a gift to the Foundation during your lifetime, please make sure that gift does not diminish your annual giving to the Church to support its annual budget. Please also be aware that all gifts to the Foundation are irrevocable: once made, they cannot be returned.

The Foundation prefers that contributions be made to the endowment rather than to restricted special accounts.

If you would like more information about the topics covered above, please click here.

Easter Services

Anyone who makes a lifetime donation to the Foundation or who provides for the Foundation in their estate planning documents is a Foundation Partner. We celebrate and are thankful for the help provided by everyone who gives to the Foundation regardless of the amount of the gift. The Foundation Partners list celebrates each Partner’s commitment to support his or her Church far into the future.

If you choose to make a contribution via bequest, we ask that at the same time as you add the bequest to your estate planning documents, you complete the Bequest Confirmation form available from the Foundation. To obtain a copy of the form, please click here.

If you have previously included the Foundation in your estate planning documents, Thank You! Please complete the Bequest Confirmation form so that we may know of your thoughtfulness and support. When we received your Bequest Confirmation, we will make sure you are identified immediately as a Foundation Partner.

Amounts of contributions are generally not made publicly available – just the identity of the donor. If you prefer that your giving be anonymous, please let us know and we will of course honor your request.

The following persons currently serve as officers and/or directors or officers of the Foundation:

Robert (Bob) Kinderman
Bob Kinderman graduated from Yale College and Harvard Law School. Bob practiced corporate law as an equity partner in the Chicago headquarters office of Kirkland & Ellis, a global law firm. Bob and his wife Nancy have three adult children. Bob and Nancy moved to Scottsdale in the year 2000 and are long time members of Desert Hills Presbyterian Church. Nancy sings in the Church choir and is a member of the Nominating Committee. Bob previously served as Financial Elder for the Church and during that time also served as ex officio participant on the Foundation Board of Directors. In 2018 Bob’s reached the Elder term limit and was elected as a member of the Foundation Board. Bob served as the Foundation’s Vice President-Finance and Treasurer from 2019 until 2023. In February 2023 Bob became President of the Foundation. Bob’s service on the Board is term-limited to expire in early 2024.

Lisa Loran
Lisa is a retired CPA with over 35 years of experience in accounting and financial management, specializing in SEC reporting and technical accounting research. She began her career as an audit manager with Deloitte and Touche and has worked for various publicly held companies, primarily in the senior living and real estate industries. Lisa graduated summa cum laude from Washington State University with a degree in business. She has been a member of DHPC since 2001 and serves on committees for Children’s Ministries, Finance, and DHPC School of Music. Lisa previously served as an Elder, Moderator of the Deacons, and member of the 2005 Pastor Nominating Committee.

Woodrow (Woody) Chamberlain
Mr. Chamberlain is the President of eMars and has been instrumental in organizing and bringing the eMars product to market. He has over 30 years of experience as a designer, implementer, and executive in charge of high- tech systems applications.
Mr. Chamberlain has successfully held executive positions including Vice President of National Manufacturing for Computer Science Corporation, Founder and Executive Vice President for Technology Solutions which became a public company, National Partner in Charge Manufacturing for Aerospace and Defense for Arthur Young, CEO and President Rath and Strong Systems, a developer and implementer of aerospace supply chain systems (MRP), Vice President and Consultant Rath and Strong.

During Mr. Chamberlain’s consulting career, he has been recognized as the pioneer in automating contractor compliance in manufacturing systems subject to the government’s Cost and Schedule Control System (CSCS) for such clients as Bell Helicopter, Northrop, General Dynamics, Ford Aerospace, Emerson Electric, and General Electric Aerospace and Defense. He was instrumental in developing the performance to plan measurements established by the American and Production Control Society and testified before Congress in support of these standards.

Mr. Chamberlain holds a Bachelor of Science from Lehigh University and a Masters of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Chicago.

Marsha Lindquist
Marsha Lindquist is a professional consultant who has owned her practice since 1996. She works with companies to obtain profitable business with the Federal Government concentrating on the financial and contractual aspects of their company. Marsha has a 30+ year background in Government contracting specializing in working with scientific & high technology Government contracting firms. In her groundbreaking #1 Amazon Best-Selling book, Secrets of Strategic Pricing for Government Contractors Marsha Lindquist delivers the wisdom of strategic pricing for Federal proposals.

Marsha dedicates her business expertise to small start-up companies poised to grow through Fortune 500 companies interested in continuing their successes. Ms. Lindquist has achieved the distinguished titles of NCMA Fellow, APMP Fellows & APMP Practitioner (CPP) as well as Future of Pricing Honoree by ProPricer. Marsha holds an MBA from Frostburg State University and a BS in Business Administration from The American University. Marsha can be often seen hiking with her dog Ziva – a young Australian Shepherd with lots of energy.

Eddie Smith
Eddie is a retired business executive and consultant. His primary career focus was in human resources management where he served as VP, Human Resources for Robbins and Myers, an international industrial goods manufacturer, and as Senior Partner, Hewitt Associates, an international human resources consulting firm. Over the years he has been active in several non-profit/charitable activities holding officer level positions on several hospital boards and United Way, President of the Chaplaincy for the Homeless, and VP, Foothills Community Foundation. Following his retirement, Eddie graduated from Arizona State University Law School and now provides free legal advice to elderly residents of Maricopa County through the Arizona Senior Citizens Legal Project. He served in the U.S. Army Reserves from 1958 to 1966 and has been a member of DHPC since 1992.

Allan Watson

Allan has owned his own small business, had a 13-year career in corporate America with Sales, Marketing and Management experience at the regional and national levels for two international companies, and was an Investment Advisor Representative/Financial Advisor (2007-2021). He holds both B.S. and M.B.A. degrees from Western Illinois University. He has over 100 total years of experience in not-for-profit leadership positions at the local, state and national levels. Some of these positions include serving one term as Deacon, one term as Trustee and five terms as Elder in the Presbyterian Church with chairmanships of Finance, Endowments, Memorials, Stewardship, and the Mission Study. He served in the U.S. Army Reserves from 1967 to 1973. He has been a member of DHPC for 9 years.

Each of our officers and directors will welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have and to assist you in making any contribution to the Foundation you may desire.

Additional Information about the governance of the Foundation is available here.

The Foundation’s endowment is invested in the Long Term Diversified pooled fund maintained by the Arizona Community Foundation (“ACF”). The fund is professionally managed by experts assembled by ACF. Additional information about the management of the Foundation’s investments is available here.

The Foundation’s financial statements were audited for 2022 by an independent public accountant. Additional information about the Foundation’s financial statements can be obtained here.

Grants from the Foundation are made exclusively to the Church.

For 2023, the amount available to the Church from the Foundation is $60,203 from the endowment and about $42,000 from special Foundation funds. In addition, the Foundation maintains an organ maintenance fund which amounted to $43,922 at year-end 2022.

Grants made by the Foundation to the Church have included: funds for Arts at the Rocks; orchestral music to support cantata performances on special Sundays; support for choral professionals; funds to support the Church’s outreach mission; funds to support Nathaniel Everett’s moving and rental costs for his first year at seminary; funds to help provide two new pianos for the Church; and funds for the Grandparenting program at the Church.

Additional information about the grant process is provided here.

Question:  Are contributions to the Foundation tax deductible?

Answer:  Yes.  By both individuals for federal income tax purposes and by estates for federal estate tax purposes.  Please note that the individual tax deduction is available only to taxpayers who itemize their deductions.  Estates below a minimum threshold amount do not pay federal estate taxes. 

Question:  How do I become a Foundation Partner?

Answer:  You can become a Foundation Partner either by making a contribution to the Foundation during your lifetime or by remembering the Foundation in your estate planning documents.  In the event you make provision for the Foundation in your estate planning documents, please complete and return the Bequest Confirmation form available here.

If you have already remembered the Foundation in your estate planning documents or made a contribution to the Foundation during your lifetime, you are already a Foundation Partner.  Thank you!  If your gift is to be made via bequest, please complete the Bequest Confirmation form (available here) and provide it to the Church offices (which will pass it along to the Foundation).

Question:  What is the relationship between the Church and the Foundation?

Answer:  The Church and the Foundation are separate nonprofit corporations organized under Arizona law.  The Church is the only member of the Foundation and the Foundation’s grants are made only to the Church.  The Church is governed by its Session and the Foundation is governed by its Board of Directors.  

Question:  Does the Church pay any of the expenses of the Foundation?

Answer:  No.  The Foundation incurs only modest expenses such as audit fees and legal fees for advice needed to respond to questions that come up from time to time.  Funds in the endowment can be used to cover Foundation expenses.  The Church’s Controller prepares monthly financial statements for the Foundation and the Foundation Board meets at the Church’s buildings.  Around the time the Foundation was first established in 2014, the Church did pay for startup expenses, but since then the Foundation has been responsible to pay its own expenses.

Question:  Can I serve as an officer or director of the Foundation?

Answer:  Yes!  Every member of the Church is eligible to serve as an officer or director of the Foundation, provided no one can serve on both the Church Session and the Foundation Board at the same time.  If you are interested in serving on the Foundation Board, please let the Nominating Committee know.  

Question:  What kind of assets can I contribute to the Foundation?

Answer:  The easiest contributions to handle are cash contributions.  The Foundation however is able to accept any other property a contributor wishes to transfer provided that the property can be sold with reasonable ease or provided that it will automatically convert into cash (for example what happens if the donor names the Foundation as a beneficiary of his or her life insurance policy).  The policy of the Foundation is to sell for cash any contributions made in kind and to use the cash proceeds to pay all expenses incurred to make such sale.  Before making any noncash contributions, please discuss the nature of your proposed contribution with an officer or director of the Foundation.

Question:  Should I use money I would normally contribute directly to the Church in response to its annual budget drive to instead make contributions to the Foundation?

Answer:  Please don’t.  No gift you may wish to make to the Foundation should diminish the amount you pledge or give to the Church in response to its annual fund drive.  The Church’s budget covers normal operating and capital expenses; the Foundation Board generally wants its grants to be used for purposes beyond the reach of the Church’s annual budget.

Question:  Can I ask the Foundation to return any portion of a gift I choose to make to the Foundation.

Answer:  No.  Gifts to the Foundation are irrevocable.

Question:  How do I contact members of the Foundation Board?

Answer:  Feel free to contact any director in person either at the Church or otherwise.  You are also invited to make contact via phone numbers, addresses or emails provided in the Church directory.  Or you may contact the Church directly at 480 488-3384 and we will put you in prompt contact with any member of the Foundation Board you desire to reach.