Desert HIlls Church Memorial Garden Entrance

“Look at that pile of rocks (above the Memorial Garden), What a GREAT headstone that will make!”

Charlie Jennings

Our Memorial Garden is the last resting place for members of our church and their families. This is an integral part of our church. It’s occupants and grounds will always be treated as such. Bronze urns are engraved and placed in compartments (niches) of the concrete columbariums. Each niche is sealed with inscribed polished granite cover plates. One niche can hold a maximum of two urns. Individual niches are also common. Members memorializing loved ones purchase inscribed, polished granite plaques which are mounted on the inside wall of the gate. memorial gardenThe garden is entirely self-financed with donations from niche assignments, memorial plaques and personal contributions. All funds are placed in a restricted Memorial Garden account and are used only for the care, preservation and future expansion of the garden. We praise God for this amazing space and seek everyone’s assistance in being God-honoring stewards of it. When donating to the Memorial Garden, specify plainly on your check “MEMORIAL GARDEN” or attach a note to your check. General “memorial” donations are placed in the general memorial fund and are NOT used for the Memorial Garden. When ordering a niche, both an application and the internment permit must be completed, followed by scheduling a meeting with the Garden’s chairman. At the meeting we will complete the forms with signatures, accept payment and make copies for all parties.

Desert HIlls Church Memorial Garden Columbariums


Desert HIlls Church Memorial Garden Columbarium2


Desert HIlls Church Memorial Garden Plaques