At Desert Hills Presbyterian Church, we believe studying The Bible is essential to growing as a follower of Jesus Christ. The Bible reveals God’s character, plan of redemption, and wisdom for our lives. That’s why we offer many opportunities for you to meet with others to study the Word of God.

We offer regular Women’s, Men’s, and Community Bible studies at various locations and times throughout the week. Our studies usually focus on a theme that help us go deeper with God and His Word and understand how to apply scripture to our daily lives.


God created families to reflect His glory in the world and to grow in grace and love toward one another. Desert Hills Presbyterian Church has established programs intended to help strengthen families in Jesus for all generations. We hope to impact children, students, and parents in a meaningful way. Bring your family to church and grow with our community.

The focus of our Sunday morning children’s programming is to create a worship and learning environment that brings children into a relationship with Jesus. Our curriculum is geared toward establishing a strong foundation in scripture for our children.

Click HERE for Sunday School Resources for Children.

We provide opportunities for students to fellowship with one another both inside and outside the church walls. Students meet at Desert Hills each week for Bible study and prayer. Opportunities to take trips and attend fun events are scheduled throughout the year.  Check out details at

We intend to equip parents and guardians to be the primary source of Christian growth for the children God has placed in their care. Parents will be strengthened to teach children about the love of Jesus and nurtured through the friendships and mentoring relationships they develop at DHPC.


Worship is at the center of everything we do at Desert Hills Presbyterian Church. We open our doors each Sunday to welcome those who seek to worship the Lord. But how about the rest of the week? Can we make space in our lives for a worship experience between Sunday services?

Beyond being the place where we seek rest and recover from daily life, home is the place where families grow together. We encourage you to consider making your home a place for your family and friends to worship God, read scripture, and grow in Christian love. Desert Hills Presbyterian Church can provide guidance and materials for families that want to worship God in the household.


Home Groups meet in an  informal settings where people can learn and grow together in their faith, serve and support one another, participate in outreach projects, and build meaningful relationships with members of the group. Over time, group members relate to one another as more than just a gathering of friends, but as a covenant family.

We like to go deep at Desert Hills Presbyterian Church, so our Covenant Groups provide the opportunity to worship God and share communion together apart from Sunday morning services. We also act as the hands and feet of Jesus through our covenant group activities as we serve one other and the world.

Contact the church office if you would like to join or start a home group.