May 1, 2020
Dear DHPC Family,
In complinace with Governor Ducey’s Executive Order directing all people to stay at home, the Session of Desert Hills shares his concern in keeping people safe and healthy at home. To that end, Session has made the following decisions:
  • The church will conuinue to live-stream one worship service at 9:45 am. until further notice. Join us for pre-service music at 9:40 am.
  • The Church offices are closed to the public until further notice.
  • The staff will still be working remotely from home. Please feel free to contact any staff member via email or phone or call the church office. Our Office Manager will be monitoring the church phones and responding to the messages during normal business hours.
  • The Session has begun discussing new policies and procedures for cleaning and disinfecting the Sancutary, Fellowship Center and the restrooms.
  • Based on the CDC and Arizona guidelines, the Session has begun discussing a phased approach to re-opening the church beginning with our worship services. Plans to open other church ministries as well as community-sponsored programs will follow in later phases of opening the church.
Our prayers are with our members, community, country and the world.
May the hope and peace of Jesus Christ be with us all,
The Session of DHPC


We provide several ways for our congregation to stay connected with the church:
  • The sermons are put on the DHPC website by Monday of each week so you can listen to the sermon on your computer, tablet or smart phone. Our website is
  • Sermon links are posted on the DHPC Facebook page. We will be streaming the service live on Facebook.
  • A link to the audio version of the sermon will be emailed each Monday.
  • We will provide a PDF version of the Order of Service including words to the hymns and scriptures.

Shopping Assistance

We are here to assist you with your shopping needs! Please call the church office if you need assisitance with groceries or supplies.
DHPC members are encouraged to mail their pledges to the church. The Finance team will be meeting each week.
DHPC does not offer an electronic offering option. This decision was made for two reasons. First, the monthly and per transaction fee to the church would reduce the offering amount.
Second, parishioners can elect on-line bill pay through their banking institution at no fee to them or the church. If you would like to set up automatic donations contact your bank. You will need to provide them DHPC’s address, 34605 N. Tom Darlington Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85266,  your account number and your first and last name.
Bobi Tomlon, Controller
Desert Hills Presbyterian Church



From the Federal Trade Commission website:

Scammers are taking advantage of fears surrounding the Coronavirus.

Avoid Coronavirus Scams

Here are some tips to help you keep the scammers at bay:

  • Hang up on robocalls. Don’t press any numbers. Scammers are using illegal robocalls to pitch everything from scam Coronavirus treatments to work-at-home schemes. The recording might say that pressing a number will let you speak to a live operator or remove you from their call list, but it might lead to more robocalls, instead.

  • Fact-check information. Scammers, and sometimes well-meaning people, share information that hasn’t been verified. Before you pass on any messages, contact trusted sources. Visit What the U.S. Government is Doing for links to federal, state and local government agencies.

  • Know who you’re buying from. Online sellers may claim to have in-demand products, like cleaning, household, and health and medical supplies when, in fact, they don’t.

  • Don’t respond to texts and emails about checks from the government. The details are still being worked out. Anyone who tells you they can get you the money now is a scammer.

  • Don’t click on links from sources you don’t know. They could download viruses onto your computer or device.

  • Watch for emails claiming to be from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or experts saying they have information about the virus. For the most up-to-date information about the Coronavirus, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

  • Ignore online offers for vaccinations. There currently are no vaccines, pills, potions, lotions, lozenges or other prescription or over-the-counter products available to treat or cure Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) — online or in stores.

  • Do your homework when it comes to donations, whether through charities or crowdfunding sites. Don’t let anyone rush you into making a donation. If someone wants donations in cash, by gift card, or by wiring money, don’t do it.

 Mary Kay Thurston, RN, Congregational Nurse

Desert Hills Presbyterian Church

Phone: 480-220-6679 Email: