The opportunity to join in warm fellowship with other Christians is a central   component of any thriving church, and DHPC is no different. Regardless of age   or stage of life, DHPC is a vibrant congregation that loves opportunities to   build relationships with other members. Such opportunities include:

·   Dinner   for EightThis is a great way for members and attenders to get to know each other around a 4 meals that are held in homes· Congregation-wide   EventsThe church offers 4 congregation wide events each year. These fun activities include an all church picnic and potluck dinners as well as other chances to gather as a congregation. ·   Sunday Morning Coffee Fellowship: Join us on the patio between services each Sunday for a cookie and a cup of coffee or cup of lemonade. Cookies are provided by our members and attenders.·   Dinner For Five:  This program is designed for singles to share fellowship around a meal that is held in homes.



Truly,   there is not a week from September to May that does not provide some   opportunity for fellow Christians to gather and enjoy one another’s company!   For more details, take a look at one of our Sunday bulletins or our monthly Echoes publication to   find out what’s coming up.

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